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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Access.....Now it's all beginning to make sense...

Does anyone remember Access, the company that purchased Palm Soft, the software division of Palm? Well, I believe that a lot of us were under the impression that Palm and Access did not get along anymore, with Palm deciding to make its own version of Linux to run on the eventual Pre. But it would appear that the blogosphere got this one wrong.

In the video below, not only do we see the Palm OS 5 emulator running on the Pre, but it appears to be running via ACCESS. It's all beginning to come together now. In what appeared to be a secret, it would appear that ACCESS is going to play a large role in the legacy end of Pre. Although the software shown does not extensively utilize relational databases, this could be good for a lot of people who have spent a lot of money on Enterprise ready software - Epocrates, Pendragon, Handbase, Smartlistogo - to possibly be able to transfer these file over. What would be nice is to see a relational database in action in the emulator. So far, only simple apps are shown in this mode.

But I'll say it again. If Palm can really produce a blow out operating system and still find a little space to be backwards compatible, we are going to see an incredible bounce for the Palm ecosystem. But everything remains vapor until the end of the month when it's released. But I am getting a little excited about this device now.


New Palm WebOS to provide some Palm OS 5 compatibility

While perusing the Palm universe today I stumbled upon an interesting news piece from PMP TODAY. Palm has apparently given rights to a company called MOTION APPS to develop a Palm OS emulator. The icon, shown on a video demo and picked up by a few astute Palm devotees, clearly shows an application called CLASSICAL. Uncertain whether this is just a label, folder or program. But it is, for all intents and purposes, evidence that Palm is not leaving its old-school players behind.

Naturally there must be a thousand questions about this, particularly the NVFS question, which all but made the LIFEDRIVE a brick on more than one occasion. However, with a UNIX underbelly this time around, this may be child's play. I'll tell you this: If Palm can create a great experience on the device with WEB OS and also satisfy the old-school crowd from Palm OS5 (yes and beyond...), Palm could not only compete with the iPhone, but they could really create a compelling reason for just about anyone to stay with Palm.

On paper, this all looks good. I cannot wait for the end of the month.


http://www.precentral.net/ <--- Above pictures taken from Precentral.net http://www.pmptoday.com/2009/04/02/palm-pre-to-come-with-palm-os-emulation/

Adding New Web site to the List

I haven't looked at the site recommendations list in a while, but today after perusing a website, I thought that I should add this one to the list.


There you will find just about everything and anything that you ever wanted to know about the upcoming Palm Pre handheld. They are in a frenzy and I can almost feel the excitement with every article published.

The writers seem to have an inside scoop on the Pre and the information appears to be aggregated and published by independent sources. It's a very nice blog, with some serious commentaries listed along with it. There are even Pre accessories available. That one surprised me! But if you have a few minutes and an inquisitive mind, pop over and see for yourself.