Lifedrivedoc.com began as a place to talk about the Lifedrive. It soon became apparent that it was much more than that. Since moving on from my Lifedrive, I am engaged in more avenues of technology. That technology has intersected with my professional life - Medicine as well as my social life.

As noted above, the blog is about a lot of things in relation to technology. If you are looking for Lifedrive related material, I am currently dividing the blog so that those searches will be easy for you to find. Most of them will be pre 2007, that should help. Additionally, if you are looking for the links that used to be on the left border. They will be back up in a different format soon. I do enjoy reading about new things to do with the Lifedrive, so you can feel free to let me know about those. I will also post those on the site.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Site Down? Thanks Google.

I got word from Sam, a good friend of mine, that my site was down for a while. I confirmed it 3 weeks ago and found out that Google thought that my site was a Spam site.

I later received an apology from Google and the site was put back up this week. Luckily, I gain no income from this site, but there are some important links and information that a lot of people have grown to depend on residing in this simple one page site. Thus I am happy that the site is back up and functioning. And I thank Google for putting my site back up.

But that leads to a few questions. Do I want to continue doing this? Lifedrivedoc has almost outlasted its purpose. The fact that someone had to tell me that my own site was down is testament to that.

Now that Palm has released the Pre and I have just about chosen to go the Apple route, a very radical decision on my part, and one in which I will explain in a later blog posting, I feel compelled to let my opinions be known elsewhere.

There is still an awfully large amount of traffic traversing this site and so I pay to keep it up. I also appreciate the thank you's that have come by in regards to information on the Lifedrive. However, my use of the device has dropped considerably in the past few months.

I'll keep you posted on my whereabouts, but for now I am starting a new blog which reflects where my mind is at in terms of handheld technologies. I'll still post here, but I will also be posting at www.theiphonedoc.com on a more regular basis. I will be concentrating on Apple Apps, iPhone Apps, mainly medical and other things that appear.

I know that it will be one of many thousands out there, but I have to be true to myself at this point and again, I'll drop my thoughts on the reason for the switch at a later date.

Welcome back readers and I'll hopefully see you on both sites.