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Sunday, September 27, 2009

...ON Dataviz and Conduits...Again.

Is it just me or is Dataviz missing the plot again? I recently downloaded Documents to Go for the iPhone after using it extensively on the Lifedrive. I went to look at the installation etc and couldn't believe my eyes. Dataviz has successfully brought the conduit to Apple.

For those of you who don't know, the conduit is a software tunnel made to connect to whatever software you are using. It is quite program specific. Kudos to Dataviz for making the whole process wireless, but this sort of proprietary solution is a weakness in the program. Most of us have files/documents that are needed right away and may not be privy to a conduit on the machine that we are using, particularly at work.

A solution, such as the one found in AirShare, which allows you to upload and download via a webpage, or Handbase's conduit which is in the browser and accessible from anywhere seems to be better in the long run.

The entire Dataviz product seems somewhat dated on the iPhone. But let me not knock a star off its perch. The editing is first rate. Documents seem to load quickly and editing is quite easy using the product. They did a really good job with the keyboard. It is intuitive.

Nevertheless, we are still awaiting the spreadsheet portion of the suite and they still decided not to port over Smartlistogo. The latter is a feature rich relational database which may just be better than Handbase, its only competitor. However, there does not appear to be any rush to port this one over anytime soon.

So my one request for any future versions on the iPhone is for Dataviz to get rid of the conduits that not every computer carries and adopt the Handbase, Airshare approach. There are better ways of syncing.


Dataviz has updated the program to include Spreadsheets. I will play around with this and let you know what I think.


Light Peak

Off Topic.

I was just watching a YouTube video about the next great technological breakthrough to come our way. Intel and supposedly Apple are working on this Light Peak technology that is supposed to transmit data at 10gb/sec with one connector that will hold a hair's width assembly of wires. This connection will use only one connection port to control Video, Sound, Input/Output devices etc. Thus we probably will not need USB ports (except for legacy devices) or Firewire or Cards.

Apparently this is slated for release in an Apple product next fall. No word on whether this will actually come to fruition or pricing.

But one thing becomes interesting. Anybody remember a few months ago when Comcast decided to cap all data going in and coming out of your modem to 250 gigabytes per month? Supposedly, the introduction of Light Peak will deem redundant the need for our current internet cables eventually. Thus, in theory, it could take 25 seconds for you to go over the Comcast limit and entail a huge bill.

Something tells me that Net Neutrality will not apply to this. Additionally, something in the air tells me that Comcast knew something about this as well.

Hold on to your vests, we're about to be fleeced again, I'll say about 2 years for this one.